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wpotd's Journal

Wallpaper of the Day
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Get a new wallpaper for your desktop every day!

DISCLAIMER: I don't have credit information for most of these wallpapers. I've collected them over the course of... well, a long time, and I just don't know where I got a lot of them. A good number of them come from 4chan (thank you 4chan!). Some wallpapers may have a website or artist name on them, and are thus considered self-explanatory. However, if the source isn't obvious and you happen to know the artist/photographer for a particular wallpaper, please feel free to leave a comment.

Please note: Some of these wallpapers may contain nudity, and will be marked NSFW. Dark or frightening images may not be marked (sorry, but that sort of thing is entirely subjective. I will do my best with the Livejournal tags).

If you want to submit a wallpaper, please contact me at wallpaperoftheday at gmail dot com. Not all submitted wallpapers will be posted, but if yours is selected I will credit you with submitting it (so please include your Livejournal username in your e-mail).

Thanks, and enjoy!
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